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The Passion of the Lobster
I'm thinking of a completely asinine blend of Finding Nemo and The Passion of the Christ. It takes place way-back-when in the BCs, and Jesus is a lobster, the eleven apostles are all lobsters, and Judas is a crab in a latex lobster costume. It's in swank PDI animation, and it's got lots of singing. It focuses on "the backstory" of Jesus Lobster, on his miracles, such as walking underwater and his relationship with Judas. When he is crucified it goes into Passion territory and afterwards, he is eaten. I'd like it if Boba Fet led the crucifiers, but that's not likely to happen.

The film will of course be completely silly, but it will be played with utter seriousness. No one will make head or tail of it; there will be much religious outrage and people will flock to see it, as they did "The Passion." It sounds really, really, really stupid, but trust me, it is. I'd see it. For Jesus I'd suggest either Jim Caviezel or Ewan McGregor. For Judas, a comedian. David Spade? Then it would be REALLY strange.

-- Script Pitch III Co-Host Commentary --
by Stephen Lucas

Stephen's Analysis:

To be frank, this pitch missed the boat. Not only is a parody of "Finding Nemo" and "The Passion of the Christ" out of date, but South Park, a supreme king of satire, has already got you covered… and there’s no reason to retread.

Rating: D+

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