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Essence of Bliss
John’s life is good. He has about everything he needs, he is kind and good person and he is about to propose his true love Sarah. He has the ring waiting already for the night’s special situation. While waiting the night John and Sarah go jogging together like they always do. This time everything goes wrong. They get hit by car that looses control. They both are lying on the ground badly wounded. John feels that his time is coming so he proposes Sarah there. Sarah’s accept is the last thing he hears before he blacks out. Instead of dying John opens his eyes moment before the accident while running next to Sarah and he manages to avoid the accident this time. He is of course very confused but same time happy as he gets new chance. But things aren’t so well after all.

John begins getting seizures that move him between situations in his possible life. He gets chance to live through all the good and bad. He can’t remember anything leading to these situations and he feels like stranger in his own body. John is loosing his contact to the world. The world as he knew it gets even more and more twisted around him. His seizures are becoming more frequent and finally totally out off control. He is struggling inside should he rather be dead than live in this ever-changing circus. Is John still John or just some poor soul filling someone else’s shoes?

Finally John faces the decision and returns to the original accident point to find some solution. As he closes the place he feels that his life is coming closer to end on each step he takes. He keeps going in hope of meeting his true love again in next life. When he reaches the place he falls down to the point where he once died. When he wakes he doesn't remember anything about himself or anyone. All the persons John used to know are in this new world but they don't know John either. The world is exactly like it was before the accident but without John. He even meets his mom and Sarah in this new world but they are as random to each other as strangers passing. Seizures are gone but is John still just a stranger? Does he get his peace through the bliss of forgetting it all?

-- Script Pitch III Co-Host Commentary --
by Stephen Lucas

Stephen's Analysis:

Here we have a film with a fair bit of potential. Even though I can see traces of "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" sprinkled in the theology, there is enough here to warrant a positive reaction. I’ve always felt stories of this kind can be done very creatively, and this pitch certainly suggests that is possible. I imagine a somewhat dark film to come of "Essence of Bliss," though I could also see it traveling a more lighthearted avenue. Either road is worthwhile.

Rating: B

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