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The world of dark fantasy is barely portrayed in movies, which is unfortunate because people enjoy it. It is proven by the popular game series, Diablo, which people from all around the world play--especially over the internet. A movie about this series would be something to look forward to. It would basically tell the story of a warrior that slays the demon of the depths, Diablo, and that places a stone in his head, which holds Diablo's soul. The warrior--whose form constantly changes--is then known as the Wanderer, and he ends up meeting Diablo's brothers, Baal and Mephisto. The three are known as the Prime Evils.

Using their soul stones, they are released from the Burning Hells to take over the planet with their demonic armies, and six young warriors must help in banishing them and destroying the soul stones. The warriors’ stories and separate situations cause them to either meet or go on the same quest to destroy the Prime Evils with help from townsfolk and an archangel.

Those six characters are classes of different kinds: an Amazon who is a powerful woman warrior that can easily be played by Kristanna Loken, who played the Terminatrix in T3; an Assassin, a mysterious woman disciplined in the mind and body who Carrie Ann-Moss--Trinity in the Matrix--can play; a Necromancer who is the dark and calmly cool character, which will be perfect for Willem Dafoe; a Barbarian--the very bulky, built, and strong master of weapons who would be a great character to play for Ralf Moeller, the tall German in Gladiator; a Paladin who is spiritual, strong, and noble, which I can see Djimon Hounsou--also from Gladiator--playing; a Sorceress who is the confident woman of magic who Jessica Alba can most likely be; and finally a Druid who is the keeper of nature, possesses the power of the elements, and who Viggo Mortensen (especially with the Aragorn look) can pull off splendidly.

This movie will be a much darker Lord of the Rings type with much of a gothic setting. It will have some horror and of course many demons and ghouls. Toward the end, all the Prime Evils might not be banished. Fans of the game will be avid to see this on screen. Even people who don't play the game will be intrigued especially if they love fantasy. Okay, so movies based on video games don’t usually succeed as outstanding, but if they have a good plot, interesting dialogue, some meaning and sense, then they would have a good formula for being much more than just watch-able.

-- Script Pitch III Host Commentary --

Lee's Analysis:

As much as I’d like to see this movie get made, an easy expectation is that the script wouldn't be that good (could be compared to Hellboy), and the director doesn’t play to the potential, with the ultimate goal being Predator. So many ideas like this have potential, but then are targeted to very young demographics who don’t really care for some of the ingredients that other classics in the genre provide, which many people over 20 crave and don’t get.

Really young viewers might like the movies for whatever brainless fun qualities the movies may provide, but it’s when there are grander opportunities that such a situation can be really disappointing. Speed could’ve been a rather routine thriller/action film with a different director, and in my book it’s one of the best movies of its genre, though I think Predator is better.

Diablo could be as moody as the first Alien with a really skilled director, and also have the action/pace of Predator and more with a director who understands the possibilities; but it could also be "just another action movie" as too many features unfortunately are today. James Cameron is also one of the few, obvious directors you might be able to count on for something like this, but I doubt this is his filmmaking turf. Diablo and Doom are two movies that could kick ass if adapted to potential, but potential isn’t often achieved.

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